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Shaving Soap

FAIION has developed a unique and delicately fragranced shaving soap of great quality. Recommended for beginner shavers and loved by the experienced ones thanks to itsfantastic ability to easily create an abundance of luxurious lather. Featuring the healing properties of Aloe Vera and other natural ingredients this shaving soap softens the beard and moisturises the skin. Our Shaving soap does the double duty of cleansing and preparing you for your daily shave.  For a vivacious, enticing, and confident experience the FAIION Shaving Soap is the only answer.

How to use : Wet face with warm water, then wet the shaving brush and wring out excess water from the brushs bristles. Rub the brush onto the shaving soap in a circular motion to create soap suds and brush your face with the shaving brush in a circular motion. Repeat until a thick lather is formed


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