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Shaving Oil

Why use a shaving oil?
When shaving, especially when you are in a rush, you can be prone to razor burn, ingrown hairs as well as little cuts and nicks.  Our shaving oil can prevent this from occurring.  Also if you like to shape your facial hair, it is ideal as you can see exactly where you are shaving and give you more manageability for a precise outline.  

Transform the way you shave with the FAIION Shaving Oil. Providing you with a flawless and smooth finish, our shave oil works closer to the skin to cut out irritation and redness. Glide your razor over your skin with ease and keep stubble at bay with our 'kind to skin' way by investing in your shaving oil from FAIION.

HOW TO USE: Put two drops into the palms of your hands Rub together and then massage into the skin, using gentle circular motions to ensure the stubble is adequately coated.


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